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Tips on How to Make your Card Counting Skills Better

Tips on How to Make your Card Counting Skills Better

Card counting is a skill that takes practice and patience to learn but, you can learn it fast with this Tips on How to Make your Card Counting Skills Better.  Casinos are luxurious and grand for a reason.  The house wins over the player most of the time.  But with the exercises listed in this article by Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia, your card counting skills can make a great difference in your gaming experience wherein you can tip the odds a little more in your favor.

Tips on How to Make your Card Counting Skills Better

Tips on How to Make your Card Counting Skills Better
Tips on How to Make your Card Counting Skills Better

Exercise 1

The first exercise gets you visually familiar with the Plus (2,3,4,5,6), Zero (7,8,9), and Minus (10, J, Q, K, Ace) card groups.  It is important to look at the cards as a group, not by its face value.

Shuffle a single deck and, one at a time, deal the cards face-up into Plus, Minus, and Zero piles.  The goal is to do this in 45 seconds or less.  After dealing all the cards, check each group for accuracy.

The next exercise builds off the first, further developing the group think skill.

Exercise 2

Again, shuffle the deck and deal the cards into the Plus, Zero, and Minus card groups.  This time as you sort each card into its proper group, call out Plus, Minus, or Zero for each card.  The goal is again 45 seconds or less and is sure to check for accuracy.

This exercise is harder as the group value is counter intuitive to the card value.  When seeing a low-value card (2,3,4,5) it is natural to think low, but it is a PLUS as it is better for you if these cards leave the game and vice versa.

The next exercise builds off the first two to get you ready for a card counting exercise.

Exercise 3

Shuffle your deck and do the sorting into Plus, Zero, and Minus card groups.  While sorting, call out Plus One, Zero, or Minus One as you place the cards down.  The goal again is for 45 seconds and complete accuracy.

This exercise brings all the skills you have been working on together.  Instead of looking at the cards at face value, you are now assigning a group numeric value to each card.  This skill is vital as we move next to the actual counting of cards.

Exercise 4

Shuffle the deck and deal one card at a time.  Starting at Zero, and Plus 1 for each 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and Minus 1 for each 10, J, Q, K, or Ace dealt.  At the end of this exercise, you should be back at zero as there are 20 Plus, 20 Minus, and 12 zero cards in the deck.  The goal is to complete this in less than a minute.

It is important to learn from mistakes from this exercise.  Pinpoint what you’re having trouble with and go back to the previous exercises and practice.  Then come back and see how you do you.

It is important to remember card counting is a hard skill to master.  Don’t get frustrated if things don’t go how you envisioned.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your card counting skills.  Counting cards only become easier with patience and lots of practice.  Do not move on to the next step before mastering the previous step. The above exercises build your foundation for card counting which all other skills branch from.  Have fun, laugh at yourself, and dream of all the money you’re going to win on the next trip to the casino.

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