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Incredible Winning Stories in the History of Gambling

Incredible Winning Stories in the History of Gambling

Incredible Winning Stories in the History of Gambling, Have you ever dreamt of becoming an instant millionaire through gambling and sports betting? If you think that chances of winning in sports betting is insurmountable, think again because you might get surprised of how gambling changed the lives of the following people by just taking their luck on several casino games casino games and sports bet:

Born and raised in Safford, England, Mick Gibbs garnered his triumph to billionaire’s life when he wagered 30 pence on a parlay bet that is composed of 15 selections. In short, in order to win the jackpot, players must win all those 15 selection. The odds of hitting the jackpot seem to be on his favor, whereas the bet was exorbitantly high—1, 666, 666 to one. All the 14 games on Gibb’s ticket went in his favor, and he only need to win one more game by Bayern Munich against Valentina in 2001 Championship League. In return, Gibbs took home an overflowing payout of £500, 000 or $784, 000 in total when Munich won the game via penalty.

Incredible Winning Stories in the History of Gambling

Jockey Frankie Dettori

In one of the remarkable moment in horseracing history, Frankie Dettori Light defied the odds of winning an approximate payout of 25, 000-1 after he won all 7 races At Ascot back in 1996 British Championship Day. No one ever expected the result especially when Darren Yeats of Morecambe bet an approximate amount of £59 on 25, 000-1 feat for Dettori, which on the end, regarded as a clever investment. Some gamblers even doubt Yeats’ sanity when he invested such affluent amount, but history itself will show that he took home a lavishing £ 550, 823 (or roughly 860, 000 U.S Dollars).

Incredible Winning Stories in the History of Gambling
Incredible Winning Stories in the History of Gambling

An Unknown Man Bet World Series Won $ 375, 000

In 2011, an unknown fan placed a bet on St. Louis Cardinals at an amount of $250 in the World Series. Despite being behind the by 5 games in an attempt for wild card spot (only 15 games left to play), the odds of winning the game was 500-1. And in the display of unwavering confidence for the wild card, this unknown man made a subsequent $250 bet for St. Louis to win the series with odds of 999-1. Few weeks later, the payout roughly amounting $375, 000 was withdrawn from particular sports book when the wild card had took down the crowd’s favorite—the Philadelphia Phillies.

Ed Nabors

Ed Nabors, a truck driver from Georgia was one among the myriad of bettors who tried to hit the jackpot set by Mega Million Lottery. Surprised by his fortune, Nabors had his massive winning after he choose the lump sum option, hence, withdrawing half of the 390 U.S Dollar price in the Mega Million Lottery. Ed chose that mode of payment rather than the 26 yearly payment options that is offered by the lottery office.

Louise White

Louise White, a woman on her seniors is among one of the list of grannies-gone-millionaire in the lottery. The 81-year old woman hit the 2012 Powerball jackpot which is worth $336.4 million. Before Mrs. White claim the ticket, she stated that she slipped the ticket in her bible and slept with it. will guide every player on selecting the games that will satisfy his needs for playing the game. With the help of the given top online casinos, one can directly start his involvement on the online casino industry.

How to choose the right casino game?

A player must be careful when choosing from the wide range of online casino game. Some are just centered on earning money from the players. They do not actually give the players’ share whenever they win a certain game. As a responsible player, one must pay attention to the conversion of currency. With the online casino game, anyone can play his favorite online game without thinking of possible conflicts.

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